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Thanks Sara =AD very wise words. Appreciate the thoughtful response. Deb

On 1/21/09 1:04 PM, "spsuch" <spsuch at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Debrah, et al,
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> This is certainly a very tough situation. Here are my thoughts based on my
> experience working with large (like Harvard) and small (like the daycare
> centers) organizations.
> =

> I fear that if pressure is put on the University to make a decision before
> they are ready and have decided the budget as a whole, the answer is more
> likely to be 'no'. 'No' is, when it comes to financial issues, the safer
> answer. What might be doable, however, is to find out the date by which t=
> decision will be made. Could the Office of Work Life help to get an answe=
r to
> this piece of the puzzle?
> =

> The organizations that do have flexibility are the daycare centers. I'm n=
> currently enrolled in one but have applied to most of them for this Septe=
> They've told me that the earliest I might hear is the beginning of spring=
> maybe, even, late April or early May. I'm not sure what they do between
> January 23 and April 1, but maybe they could find some way to move their
> January 23 deadline for re-enrolling closer to April. I imagine they might
> start calling families, doing tours, etc, but, the likely truth of the ma=
> is that the need is so great that they will fill their spots even if they
> wait.
> =

> If I were currently enrolled, I'd approach the director, explain the situ=
> and see if you (or anyone to whom this applies) might get an extension on=
> re-enrollment deadline.
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> I hesitate to send out an email with advice that doesn't pertain to me
> (though, fingers crossed on both the enrollment and scholarship fronts, it
> might next year!), but here it is, for what it's worth...
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> Sara
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> On Jan 21, 2009, at 12:27 PM, Debrah Rud wrote:
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>>  Hi all,
>>  =

>>  As some of you may know, the doctoral student child care scholarship wa=
s a 3
>> year pilot program and last year was the last year of the pilot. The Off=
>> of Work Life does not know if the scholarship funds will be renewed. The
>> deadline for re-enrolling children at many Harvard affiliated programs (=
>> the funds are valid) is approaching quickly. I know for my daycare center
>> (PTCC) the deadline to re-enroll is THIS FRIDAY 1/23.
>>  =

>>  I called the Office of Work Life and they don=B9t think it is likely th=
at the
>> scholarship committee will make a decision before the deadline to re-enr=
>> The woman in the office suggested that I contact my dean, which I did, a=
nd he
>> didn=B9t really know who to call to put pressure on. I=B9m not sure what=
 to do.
>> It is a helpless feeling.
>>  =

>>  I feel strongly that even if the answer is that the scholarships will n=
ot be
>> available, we need to know that. The timing of this is very tricky, as w=
e are
>> being asked to either commit to paying $20K or more for a year of child =
>> without knowing if we will get any financial assistance or to lose our
>> hard-won slots at daycares where we have forged relationships with care
>> givers. =

>>  =

>>  This is a tough spot. At least for me I know my son is eligible for
>> kindergarten in Cambridge next fall, but there are many families that do=
>> have the choice of public school next year.
>>  =

>>  Does anyone know who we can talk to in order to get an answer? I think =
>> puts many of us in a very difficult position.
>>  =

>>  Thanks,
>>  Debrah =

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