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Hi Meeta,
I don't know where to find cane baskets, but I will tell you that I modified an IKEA wardrobe to accomodate toys in my living room (I have a 3 year old) and its a very clean way to keep lots and lots of toys organized yet still accessible by my little boy and he's learned how to put them away too. I'm attaching a picture in which you can see what I did, its a small footprint on the floor and ikea sells all widths, heights and bin sizes so don't be intimidated by my monster. I have 2 wardrobes side by side also holding all my electronics and TV, printer, and office supplies all behind closeable doors. I have 9 bins, 6 of which are about 1.5ft deep, and the bottom 3 are at least 2 feet deep, we have TONS of toys and it just looks very clean and they are very easy for him to pull out and put back in by himself. If this isn't helpful to you, then I hope you do find the perfect storage solution. My experience with baskets is that they get broken or have sharp edges after not that long of a time, and they also never really stay in their 'home'. For us, cubbies was the way to go.IKEA also sells a bucket storage system specifically for kids in nice colors and he has a whole wall of this storage in his room, it makes all the difference in the world. Good luck!
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I am looking around for solutions for toy storage. We  have all the toys
in our living room and was interested in getting something nice for
storage, which can be kept in the living room too, in particular some cane
baskets. Does anyone have any suggestions? I did a quick internet search
but haven't been able to find anything useful.


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