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Sat Feb 14 14:43:41 EST 2009

Hello Parents,

My 3 year old has been attending Lesley Ellis School the past year and we
absolutely love it there! My shy son has really blossomed under his
fantastic teachers, and we couldn't be happier.

They have a unique transitional kindergarten program for kids who are too
young to make the kindergarten cut-off in MA but too advanced for the
pre-kindergarten classrooms. The school currently has openings in this
classroom and other elementary school classrooms and is accepting
applications. For more info, please visit:


We love the school because:

(a) Amazing facilities. Huge, very well equipped indoor gym and library.
(b) Wonderful teachers, and the school runs all the way from pre-school
through 5th grade, so no disruption come Kindergarten.
(c) It's not a co-op, so families where both parents work/study can catch a
break. The school offers scholarships for those who qualify, so cost is not
the trade-off.
(d) Extremely diverse classrooms, with a unique anti-bias curriculum.
Diversity is encouraged and celebrated, and we feel blessed to belong to
such a open-minded, warm and friendly school community.

Interested parents are welcome to contact the Admissions Office at (781)
641-1346 to schedule a tour. I am happy to answer any questions you may have
from a parent perspective.

Mom to Dhruv, 3.
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