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Sebastian Velez svelez at oeb.harvard.edu
Wed Feb 11 11:07:35 EST 2009

Yes, the right thing to do is to file a complaint.

I've had my bad experiences with personnel at UHS, but always has been
with the contract employees, those paid minimum wage and no benefits
by outside companies without unions. I guess I would be mad too.

On the gratuitous comment about unions, they don't make it hard to
address issues, but defend workers against arbitrary firings,
especially in a environment with so little protection for workers such
as in the US. My wife is a union member and everybody at her work
knows that if they mess up with the rules, they get fired. But on the
other hand, a worker can't get fired because a manager wants to place
his friend in your position, or for an honest mistake without warning.
That's fairness.

On what pertains to parenting and this list, I bet things would be a
lot different for us student parents if we were in an union.


On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 10:47 AM, Sascha Russel
<russel at amber.mgh.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Dear Parents who use the Holyoke Student Medical services,
> I've had some not so great interactions with the ultrasound tech at HUHS and
> was wondering if anyone else has too.  I submitted a complaint to her
> manager and just wanted to encourage anyone else who has had issues with
> her- or anyone else for that matter- to lodge written complaints too.  I
> think unions can make it difficult to address "issues"- but at least
> feedback can possibly improve things! Sometimes I think the service isn't as
> good at UHS as it could be because most of us are only there for a few years
> and don't bother to complain...
> Sascha, mt Leo 18months
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