[Parentsgroup-list] more info on the childcare scholarship

Yi-wen Huang ywhuang at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Feb 11 09:30:32 EST 2009

Dear fellow parents:
    I contacted the work/life office last week to ask about the childcare
scholarship program that's currently under evaluation. The word I got was
that the decision won't be made until mid-late March. They urged us to go
ahead and apply to the Harvard-affiliated centers for now. I asked if there
is anything we can do to help administrators understand the impact of this
program, and the suggestion was to e-mail GSAS Dean Brandt about it. So if
we (those who are hoping to get some help and those who have gotten help
before) can send e-mails to Dean Brandt, I hope we can make a difference in
the end. Thank you for your help!
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