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This event nnouncement was forwarded to me by Christine Wenc, the previous
leader of the grad parents' group. Sounds interesting...Susannah

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Hey Susannah,

How are you?  Saw this in my Brigham email today, "Motherhood: The
Elephant in the Laboratory," & thought I'd pass it along to be posted
to the group if you want.  Event is sponsored by Children's Hospital
Office of Fellowship Training; I am assuming it's OK if Harvard PhD
students attend.  (Children's is affiliated with Harvard Medical
School.)  Event looks like it's also to publicize a book of the same

Hope all is well!  --Christine

their web site:

Friday, February 13, 12-1 PM panel presentation, lunch provided
Panel presentation by Editor Emily Monosson, PhD, and other book contributors
Office of Fellowship Training and Office of Faculty Development Seminar
Motherhood, the Elephant in the Laboratory: Women Scientists Speak Out
Panel presentation by Editor Emily Monosson and other author
contributors to this book of essays by women scientists of all ages.
Lunch provided
Register : Office of Fellowship Training

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