[Parentsgroup-list] parents in a pickle

Philip Davis Loring ploring at fas.harvard.edu
Sat Feb 7 13:33:34 EST 2009

This morning our one-year-old appears to have become his sunny self =

again after three days down with the puke-and-diarrhea-thing that's =

going around. The bad news is, last night mom and dad both started =

throwing up. We are pretty much useless right now, and the boy is =

getting a little bored after spending all morning in bed giving us hugs.

We really need help -- someone to watch him and feed him and put him to =

bed, say from 2pm to 9pm today. But we don't have a regular babysitter, =

and we would feel even worse if friends or family contracted this nasty =

bug from us. This seems like the kind of situation Parents in a Pinch is =

made for, and we are already signed up for the program (I'm a half-time =

benefits-eligible employee), except their answering service does not =

answer on weekends. So we're apparently out of luck.

Does anyone have any ideas about what we can do?

Phil Loring
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