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We are with Dr Michelle Dorrell at HUHS for our 3 boys, and are very very
She joined the practice in 2007, and we chose her at that time for our
newborn, and quickly for the other ones.
She remembers all of them, makes connections between the 3 children=B9s hea=
when she examines one.
She has been very attentive and comprehensive with our wish not to get the
Flu vaccine, though informative about its benefits.
She is available, easy to talk to, and has a good relationship with our
children (18m, 4 and 6 y.o).

On several occasions, we had appointments with Carol Browne, Nurse
We, and the children LOVE her. She has tons of experience, is very pragmatic
and kind hearted.
She helped me with breastfeeding for my second child, and again for my third
one, even though it was not the purpose of the appointment.
When I can not see my pediatrician, I know I am in good hands with her!

This does not exactly answer your question, but: If you give birth at
Brigham and Women Hospital, your baby will be seen by one of the HUHS
pediatrician before you leave. Even if she is not officially accepting new
patients, you may choose the pediatrician you will see at the hospital. And,
also, among all th e information the hospital asks for months in advance,
there is the name of a pediatrician, but if you are with HUHS, you have the
option just to write HUHS pediatrician (they will know who to call to see
your baby). And choose later on, even after the baby is born.

I Hope this helps. Good luck with your pregnancy and search for a


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> Dr. Priver is wonderful.
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> Michelle
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> On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 2:11 PM, Debrah Rud
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>> I was with HUHS for a year with my son and had Naomi Priver. She was gre=
>> She shared personal experiences with her own child and was happy to talk=
>> the phone with me about issues I was having. I really liked her a lot. I=
>> heard other people had good experiences with her also.
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>> Cheers,
>> Debrah
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>> On 2/2/09 1:59 PM, "Kimberly Bertrand" <kbertran at hsph.harvard.edu> wrote:
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>>> > We're looking for a pediatrician for our son, who is expected in Apri=
>>> Does
>>> > anyone have any (good or bad) experience with any of the HUHS
>>> pediatricians?
>>> >
>>> > Thanks in advance for your help,
>>> > Kim Bertrand (HSPH)
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