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Thu Apr 30 12:27:34 EDT 2009

Dear Ayfer,

I had this question as well as I am also planning an academic career.  I am not
sure what your employment situation is for next year, but I found out from my
future employer that they will rent the robe in Harvard's colors annually, and
then after tenure they will then purchase the robe for me.  What I've decided
to do for commencement then is rent the robe, but purchase the tam and hood. 
I'm really glad I asked my future colleagues about this, as I can think of a
million different ways of spending $710!  Colleges and universities may differ
in this regard, but it might be safe to just rent this year.  If the
institution you end up at does not rent/purchase robes, then I'm sure you can
buy one then (and you'll be making more money then anyway!).

I hope this helps.


Quoting Ayfer Karakaya Stump <stump at fas.harvard.edu>:

> Dear All,
> I realize it is kind of late to ask this question, but does anybody know
> if it would be a good idea to buy the PhD cap and gown (rather than
> renting them) if you are planing on an academic career? In other words,
> are there times when professors are required to wear a cap and gown? And
> if so, are you expected to wear the same cap and gown hat you wore when
> you were graduating or do you get a new one from the university where
> you are currently teaching?
> Also, are there cheaper alternatives to the Harvard Coop for buying them?
> Many thanks in advance!
> ayfer
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