[Parentsgroup-list] Join: Harvard Parents Social Group Google Groups

rose at fas.harvard.edu rose at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Apr 24 11:03:49 EDT 2009

Erica - Thank you so much for taking the initiative on this.

I just posted a discussion topic on the Harvard Parents Social Group about
getting together at a playground this Sunday -- if anyone in the Harvard
Parents' Listserv is interested, feel free to respond in the google docs link
provided below, and we can make some plans!

Social events and nanny shares and more..... here we come!


Susannah Rose
Chair, GSAS Harvard Parents' Group

Quoting noreply at googlegroups.com:

>  Erica erica.j.h.kraus at gmail.com has invited you to join the Harvard Parents
> Social group with this message:
> Hi Everyone,
> I've set up a google group to help us connect on both childcare and social
> activities - I hope many of you will join!
> Here is the group's description:
> Sharing information about and making connections for childcare, outings, play

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