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Eliza Young Barstow eyoung at fas.harvard.edu
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Dear Fellow Parents,

I=92m writing to tell you about a campaign I=92m starting to gather funds to
support maternal health. My campaign, simply entitled "Healthy Mother's
Day," employs Mother=92s Day 2009 as a starting point and asks you to consi=
making a donation to PATH=97a global health organization that identifies
maternal health as one of its leading concerns=97in tribute to your mother,
wife, or other woman you wish to honor. I believe this is one of the most
beautiful gifts a woman could receive for Mother's Day.

My interest in this initiative commenced out of personal experience, as I
had a difficult labor with some dangerous complications. Thankful to have
had skilled birth attendants and the health insurance necessary to cover my
extensive bills, I began to think a lot about women who had little access to
such medical care and I determined that I would better educate myself about
this issue and try to help other people become better educated, as well.

*Why PATH?*

Having talked to a number of people who work or do research in the field of
maternal health, I considered a range of organizations as possibilities for
this fundraising campaign, and while all of them do admirable work, I am
particularly impressed by three attributes of PATH=92s work: their commitme=
to funding scientific innovations, their respect for the cultural practices
of the people they work with, and their responsible use of donor funds. On
multiple occasions, PATH has received significant
awards<http://www.path.org/awards>for their fine work.

To read about PATH=92s history, current projects, and the areas of the world
in which the work, please visit: http://www.path.org

*PATH and Maternal Health *
As regards maternal and child health, PATH has been particularly
instrumental and disseminating =93clean-delivery kits,=94 which reduce the
chance that a woman or her baby will contract a serious infection during the
delivery process. In many cases, these kits go to women who will be giving
birth at home without the help of a trained delivery attendant. Another
initiative PATH is proud of is their production and distribution of a small
device called the Uniject, which allows a birth attendant to deliver a shot
oxytocin into a woman who is at risk of bleeding to death. With this device,
postpartum hemorrhaging=97a major cause of maternal death=97can be dramatic=
reduced. Other healthy birth initiatives
<http://www.path.org/safe-birth>put forth by PATH can be found on
their website.

*How to Donate*
Below, I=92m including the link that enables you to donate to PATH. One nice
aspect of PATH=92s donation system is that you can offer a =93Tribute=94 gi=
ft in
which you identify a person who you wish to honor with your donation; PATH
will then send them a card letting them know of the donation. If you wish to
ensure that your gift goes directly to maternal and child health
initiatives, be sure to type that in the box where it says, =93Please direct
this gift . . . =94

Click here<https://secure2.convio.net/path/site/Donation2?idb=3D277928568&d=
investigate donation opportunities.

Because I believe word of mouth and the suggestions of friends provide are
powerful stimulants to action, I am asking you to forward this email to
other people you know who might be interested in this campaign, and I am
asking those people to forward the email, as well. Additionally, if you
wish, you can find =93Healthy Mothers Day=94 on

Thank you for taking the time to read and reflect upon this message. (From a
parents' listserve standpoint, I did want to let you know that Susannah
Rose, the listserv administrator, pre-approved the posting of this message!

Happy Mother=92s Day to you and your families.

Eliza Young Barstow
History of American Civilization, G6
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