[Parentsgroup-list] small kids at graduation

Alexander Van Zandt Akin akin at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 20 10:29:08 EDT 2009

Hello everyone-
  I will be graduating in June and participating in commencement activities. I
have seen people in previous years take their small kids up on the stage with
them in Sanders Theater (the officiating committee even had little "diplomas"
to hand to the children). For most of the time I was writing my dissertation I
was a stay-at-home dad while my wife worked to support us, so my daughter was
really an integral part of the process. I would love to take her up with me. I
wonder if anyone on this list knows the logistics of how that works? Do you
have your child with you the whole time, or does she need a ticket with the
other members of the family? Does the school still smile upon this?
   Thanks for any advice!
-Alexander Akin

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