[Parentsgroup-list] part time toddler daycare (share) Longwood area AVAIL.

Sascha Russel russel at amber.mgh.harvard.edu
Tue Apr 14 13:31:51 EDT 2009

Hi parents who live or work near Longwood....
We have found a very terrific affordable (<60$/10hr day) daycare for our 20
month old boy Leo, which we LOVE.  We would like to share our spot ( which
we expect to get in the next month- we=B9re next on the waiting list) with
another family who also needs part time care.  We are flexible about days-
i.e. you could have Mondays and Thursdays- or whatever you need.  The
daycare is called Franklin Square House preschool and is on Tremont- about 2
blocks down from Brigham circle- so its super convenient for the Longwood
area.  The director Pamela has run the place for last 30 years, and all the
teachers have been there for years- (many for 9-15 years!) because the place
is small, well run, and they are treated as professionals and get health
care.  There are 3-4 teachers for the 12 toddlers. They also have 25
preschoolers.  The kids and teachers are diverse- economically and racially
and it has a great vibe. The space is big, very sunny, and well laid out.
They go out everyday---to their own playground or elsewhere.  I can=B9t say
enough good things about the place...

Please let me know if you have any questions about the pre-school or share-
and reply to just me!
Sascha, mt Leo 20 months

Sascha Russel
PhD candidate in Lab of Dr. Gary Ruvkun
Harvard University/ Massachusetts General Hospital


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