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Sebastian Velez svelez at oeb.harvard.edu
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Hi all:

I've received several inquiries about the bike auction at the undergrad hou=
ses. We are tuning up the bikes this weekend and hope to have the auction n=
ext Sunday in the afternoon at Kirkland House or the quad between Kirkland =
the MAC gym.

About prices, you never know with an auction. I was at a bike auction a few=
 years back in another school, and bikes were selling for $100, with some e=
ven going for $400. I've also seen auctions in which there are more items t=
han people and bikes ended up going for $1. I was at such an auction last w=
eek and bought 3 fridges and a microwave oven, all together for $2. =

The bikes we have range from rusty 60's styled one-speed cruisers (talk abo=
ut cool factor), to high end custom-butted and aluminum-frame mountain bike=
s with barely a few miles on them.

I'll post details to this list as soon as I get more information.

Cheers to all,


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Thanks everyone tipping advice!

Sebastian, thanks for your realistic advice. Yes, I'm in the second
category yet.  After my first bike ($200) + comforty seat ($80) was
stolen when I was fresh this town, I swore myself not to buy new bike
here.  When it comes to be for my kid, I might need to retract that
vow, but as long as the bike+seat combination is stable enough, I
rather not.
I'm working in one of physics building on oxford street. Let me know
if I can take a quick look for your bike if your place is not too far.
 Also how can I get a date or time for the Kirkland house auction?

Ian Stokes-Rees and Candice, thanks for the detail information and websites

I think I'll try to make this with $100 budget, wish me good luck.


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