[Parentsgroup-list] bike to drop off kid (with kid seat)

Sebastian Velez svelez at oeb.harvard.edu
Thu Sep 25 00:53:25 EDT 2008

Now, THERE'S an idea. I even have an extra seat somewhere around the 
house. Hitting myself in the head now for not thinking of it before.


Ian Stokes-Rees wrote:

> I just outfitted both our bikes for $15 a piece with top tube seats.  I 
> would say they probably aren't a good idea for kids under the age of 
> 2.5-3, since they are not strapped in (or at least not strapped in 
> well), they need to hold on to the handlebars conscientiously, and keep 
> their feet out of the spokes (that would be nasty).  I just used some 
> hose clamps ($1.50 for two), a piece of rubber, and a bike seat ($11.50 
> new from PerformanceBikes.com), and clamped it on to the top tube.  I 
> used two more hose clamps to attach some shelf-hanging L-brackets by the 
> front brakes to give her some foot pegs.

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