[Parentsgroup-list] bike to drop off kid (with kid seat)

Sebastian Velez svelez at oeb.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 24 20:00:33 EDT 2008

Hi all:

I've carried my daughter on a child seat attached to my bike since she 
was 6 months old. She is now 5-1/2 and still loves it. I take her to 
school, to buy groceries, to go to the public pools around Cambridge, 
everything. She likes it more than the car, and won't get into a stroller.

I use the kind of seat that goes in the back of the bike. It throws the 
balance off when you are not moving, and we've fallen from the bike 
quite a few times when waiting for a red light. When you are moving the 
momentum keep the bike up and it is quite stable.

Any model will do; I think they are all the same. I got mine at a garage 
sale for something like $5, if that much. My bike is 15 years old. The 
seats come with clamps and such that you can attach to any bike. Mine 
even had things to remove the seat quickly, but I threw these away and 
just bolted it to the bike with bolts from the hardware store, as it 
feels more secure this way. When my daughter is not with me on the bike, 
I use the seat to carry stuff; very useful especially with the seatbelt 
to hold the cargo.

As for where to get a bike, Kirkland house (where I'm a resident tutor) 
will have a bike auction in a couple weeks. The bikes are in really good 
condition and I'm sure you'll be able to find something cheap among the 
100 bikes up for auction.

Hope that helps,


Griffin, April Marie wrote:
> I too was thinking just today that a bike would be more fun and provide more options than walking with my 2.5 year old. So I second the request for a response for Taeseok's email!
> Happy Trails!
> April
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> Hi all,
> My kid (3 1/2 yr old) goes to a preschool in about 30min walk from my apt.
> I usually bring a stroller to drop off her but think it would be nice
> to have a bike with a child seat behind, which I come across on my way
> there.
> I have little idea how/where to buy that kind of combination
> especially, if any, a weight limit for each model.
> Can anyone give advice on that? It would be even greater if someone
> can sell any used bike and/or the seat.
> Thanks
> Taeseok
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