[Parentsgroup-list] New Lactation Room in CGIS Knafel (north) Bldg

Miriam Shakow m.shakow at vanderbilt.edu
Tue Sep 23 17:25:25 EDT 2008

Hi Everyone,
here is info on a new lactation room.

Miriam Shakow

Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 15:46:43 -0400
From: "Matthew P. Stec" <stec at fas.harvard.edu>
Reply-To: stec at fas.harvard.edu
Organization: Harvard University, FAS Physical Resources
CC: nancy rosenblum <nrosenblum at latte.harvard.edu>,
   Lilia Halpern-Smith <lhalpern at gov.harvard.edu>,
   Esther Scott <escott at gov.harvard.edu>, 
natalie_beaumont-smith at harvard.edu
Subject: Lactation Room in CGIS Knafel

Hi All,

I'm writing to let you know we now have a lactation room in CGIS. The 
room is located off the building services break room on the concourse 
level of Knafel and features a hospital grade pump (provided by Office 
of Work/Life), refrigerator, and comfortable seating.  If you know of 
anyone interested in using the room please have them contact me or stop 
by the Operations Office and we will provide them with the details.  
I've attached the sign up form.

Thanks to Lilia Halpern-Smith and Esther Scott for helping us set the 
room up.


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