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I used the midwives at the Cambridge Birth Center, but ended up giving birth
at Cambridge Hospital due to my own decision to have an epidural after all
(after 8 hours of back labor). As it turned out, there was also meconium in
the sac, so they would have transferred me anyway once my water broke. That
said, I had a "normal" delivery so I'm not sure how Cambridge Hospital
compares to B&W in terms of high risk deliveries, but speaking generally I
was super-impressed by the quality of nurses, their relationships with my
midwives (since my labor spanned a couple of shifts I was attended by two
and then my own- Gretchen, who was fabulous- visited frequently), and
everything else with the experience. They were great about helping us out
with nervous first parent jitters, breastfeeding, they were very respectful
about our decisions to room-in and went out of their way to make my husband
as comfortable as possible considering rooms are private with only one bed.
It was a great experience and while it wasn't the one I originally planned
for, I was really happy with Cambridge Hospital. I also use the Women's
Clinic there for some general gynecological issues and am equally impressed
with that staff.

Good luck making your decision and I'm sending you best wishes for an
uncomplicated delivery!


On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 12:40 PM, Andrea Heberlein <
heberlein at wjh.harvard.edu> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I'm not sure if it would be covered by your insurance, but I was very hap=
> with my experience at MGH.  I was not high-risk but had a recent pregnancy
> loss while being seen by the midwives there; all 4 of the OBs I encounter=
> over the course of dealing with that were extremely kind, professional, a=
> competent.  I'm happy to provide more info if you are interested.
> best,
> Andrea
> At 10:36 AM -0500 11/20/08, Ayfer Karakaya Stump wrote:
>> Hi everyone!
>> While we are on the subject of choosing OB/GYNs, I would like to get some
>> advice from the list members about how to change doctors.
>> I am almost seven months pregnant. I have been seeing a doctor at Brigham
>> where I was referred to by a gynecologist at the Cambridge hospital. (I
>> wanted the referral because my pregnancy is regarded as high-risk becaus=
e of
>> a blood-related condition that I had when I was a teenager. I had a rela=
>> episode during the second trimester of my first pregnancy, and had to ta=
>> low doses of steroids for the rest of my pregancy because of it.)
>> But I don't really like the doctor I am seeing at Brigham. He is
>> inattentive, rushes you during visits, and does not seem to respect your
>> wishes and intelligence. I considered switching to another doctor within
>> Brigham, but didn't do anything about it partly because one of his
>> nurse-practitioners to whom I implicitly suggested my possible desire to
>> change doctors seemed rather put off by what I said, and suggested that =
>> would something difficult to do because most doctors at Brigham don't ta=
>> new patients.
>> So my questions are as follows:
>> 1) Has anyone switched from one OB/GYN to another one within Brigham? How
>> did you go about doing it? And did you experience any negative repercuss=
>> afterwards because of it (such as being treated as a trouble maker by the
>> nurses etc.)?
>> 2) So far I have assumed it might be better to stay with Brigham because
>> of my high-risk pregnancy, which renders a C-section delivery much safer
>> than a natural one. But after reading all the messages, I have been thin=
>> that maybe I should switch from Brigham to a doctor at the Harvard
>> University Health Center. But I understand from the messages that even i=
f I
>> choose my OB/GYN from the HUHC, I will be sent to Brigham for the delive=
>> although it will still be my Harvard Center doctor who will attend my
>> delivery. Do I understand this correctly?
>> 3) If you choose an OB/GYN from the HUHS, can you request to be sent to
>> the Cambridge Hospital, rather than to Brigham, for the delivery. And do=
>> anyone have any ideas as to whether the Cambridge Hospital would be as f=
>> equipped as Brigham in case any serious complications occur during deliv=
>> Sorry for the long, message,
>> and thanks in advance for all your suggestions,
>> ayfer
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