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Andrea Heberlein heberlein at wjh.harvard.edu
Thu Nov 20 12:40:51 EST 2008

Hi there,
I'm not sure if it would be covered by your insurance, but I was very 
happy with my experience at MGH.  I was not high-risk but had a 
recent pregnancy loss while being seen by the midwives there; all 4 
of the OBs I encountered over the course of dealing with that were 
extremely kind, professional, and competent.  I'm happy to provide 
more info if you are interested.


At 10:36 AM -0500 11/20/08, Ayfer Karakaya Stump wrote:
>Hi everyone!
>While we are on the subject of choosing OB/GYNs, I would like to get 
>some advice from the list members about how to change doctors.
>I am almost seven months pregnant. I have been seeing a doctor at 
>Brigham where I was referred to by a gynecologist at the Cambridge 
>hospital. (I wanted the referral because my pregnancy is regarded as 
>high-risk because of a blood-related condition that I had when I was 
>a teenager. I had a related episode during the second trimester of 
>my first pregnancy, and had to take low doses of steroids for the 
>rest of my pregancy because of it.)
>But I don't really like the doctor I am seeing at Brigham. He is 
>inattentive, rushes you during visits, and does not seem to respect 
>your wishes and intelligence. I considered switching to another 
>doctor within Brigham, but didn't do anything about it partly 
>because one of his nurse-practitioners to whom I implicitly 
>suggested my possible desire to change doctors seemed rather put off 
>by what I said, and suggested that it would something difficult to 
>do because most doctors at Brigham don't take new patients.
>So my questions are as follows:
>1) Has anyone switched from one OB/GYN to another one within 
>Brigham? How did you go about doing it? And did you experience any 
>negative repercussions afterwards because of it (such as being 
>treated as a trouble maker by the nurses etc.)?
>2) So far I have assumed it might be better to stay with Brigham 
>because of my high-risk pregnancy, which renders a C-section 
>delivery much safer than a natural one. But after reading all the 
>messages, I have been thinking that maybe I should switch from 
>Brigham to a doctor at the Harvard University Health Center. But I 
>understand from the messages that even if I choose my OB/GYN from 
>the HUHC, I will be sent to Brigham for the delivery, although it 
>will still be my Harvard Center doctor who will attend my delivery. 
>Do I understand this correctly?
>3) If you choose an OB/GYN from the HUHS, can you request to be sent 
>to the Cambridge Hospital, rather than to Brigham, for the delivery. 
>And does anyone have any ideas as to whether the Cambridge Hospital 
>would be as fully equipped as Brigham in case any serious 
>complications occur during delivery?
>Sorry for the long, message,
>and thanks in advance for all your suggestions,
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