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Hi everyone -- I haven't contributed to this back & forth (since my son was born in Brooklyn, NY in 2001) but I am going to suggest that someone copy and paste all of this fantastic information into one nice document so that others can benefit from this!  Any way we could start a google documents group or something?  


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Hey Nikki,

I had a fantastic experience at Mt. Auburn last year in September. I didn't go through the midwives, unfortunately (because we had only just arrived here a few weeks earlier), but the whole delivery with a doctor and nurses was great. I was in labor for a very long time, but did not want to have an epidural, so everybody accepted my wishes, and was very encouraging and understanding to my needs. When my water didn't break, they gave me options and I could decide about how to move on - they always made me feel like I was in charge. Since my baby had passed meconium in the womb and had to be suctioned right aftre the birth, a pediatrician was present during the last phase, but nobody made this a big deal or had me worried at any point. Everything was handled very professionally, yet never "clinically", in my opinion. They were also very supportive about breast-feeding and connecting with the child very soon after the delivery. What was great was the fact that my husband was enc
 ouraged to stay with us the whole three days we were there, even during the nights (on a sleeper chair in the room), and he was also fed by the hospital kitchen, which was included in the room rate. And the food service was great!

Hope I could help you, despite the fact that I don't know anything about the midwives there.


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