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Thank you, Joy, for the information. =

Has anyone else had any experiences (positive or negative) with
delivering at Mount Auburn (particularly with the midwives practices)?


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>I had my second at Cambridge Birth Center (had the first with the
midwives at
>Mt. Auburn). This was the ideal place for me and my family. Everyone
was so
>helpful and kind. They handled my pregnancy complications very
>and offered me the support I needed to stick to a natural birth plan
>them. Everyone gets a free doula for the birth and to help at home
afterwards if
>you wish. I did face a bit of a problem during the birth, I started to
pass out
>when I was fully dialated.. They handled the situation with the calm
and ease of
>an ER staff but in the comfort of a bedroom. My baby never left me
after the
>delivery (no ankle tags or wheely carts needed), big brother came to
see his
>sister as soon as he woke up and our whole family, daddy included,
could all
>cuddle in bed together (siblings and others may attend the birth but I
chose to
>leave my 2 year old at home sleeping). I was home in less than 12 hours
>never missed a night of showering with my toddler or tucking him in
bed. I have
>also talked to 2 women who had to be transfered to the hospital when
>weren't going normally and both said they were quite pleased with the
>decision and the care they got at Cambridge hospital. Another perk is
access to
>the free sessions with certified lactation consultants offered 2
mornings a
>week. You can go as often as you need to get nursing help or to just
visit other
>moms who have very young babies. =

> =

>I liked Mt. Auburn and considered it a positive experience but there
are certain
>drawbacks to delivering in a hospital. For me these included catching a
>serious bacterial infection usually only contracted in hospitals (I had
>completely natural birth but contracted C. difficile and was very ill
>weeks). Also my husband and newborn were in the nursery for 3 hours
>after the birth. My baby was fine but there were others that needed
>attention so they just held my baby at the nursery while he waited for
>routine bathing, etc. I really did not like being alone, had no clue
what was
>happening with my baby and missed some critical bonding time despite
the fact
>that neither he nor I needed any urgent medical care. I loved the
midwives of
>Mt. Auburn but do not like that they have to catch babies in a
hospital, having
>a hosptial next door for emergencies was much better for us. =

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>Hope that helps!
>Joy, G7 and mom to Toby 3yrs and Della 6m =

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>On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 11:01 AM, milie cappella
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>Does anyone have an experience at the Cambridge Birth Center that she
would like
>to share ? I'm due May 2nd and I wish to give birth there but I'm still
>registered at the B&W Hospital.
>By the way, I have read and liked "The happiest toddler on the block"
for my
>fist child and would like to know if "the happiest baby on the block"
is good
>too and if someone wants to sell his book to me.
>Thanks !
>Emilie Cappella
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