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Debrah Rud debrah_rud at student.hms.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 18 12:43:37 EST 2008

Manjari (and all),

Funny! Yes, certainly personal preference and experiences with the Drs make
all the difference.


On 11/18/08 12:36 PM, "Manjari C. Miller" <mchatter at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:

> Hey Deb (and Finn),
> Just had to chime in: I ultimately had John Goldman who I loved (calm,
> reassuring) and Dr. Olson who I hated (I was in my 7th month, relieved
> that everything was going well, said as much to Olson, who responded that
> you never know what might happen and that he had just that morning
> attended the stillbirth of a woman who was 7 months pregnant--needless to
> say I was horrified and stressed out). Anyway the point being that an
> Ob-gyn is a very personal preference--try all of them before you decide on
> one.
> Best,
> Manjari
> On Tue, 18 Nov 2008, Debrah Rud wrote:
>> Hi Finn,
>> I agree that Dr. Guzelian is quite capable and has a great bedside manner.
>> She did not deliver my son, but she was there at the very beginning of my
>> labor. My son was delivered (9.5lbs, posterior, forceps delivery after 2
>> hours of pushing) by Dr. Zinner, who is absolutely fantastic, but
>> unfortunately she is no longer with the HUHS practice. I also liked Dr.
>> Olson, who was my primary OB. He has a very calm and steady manner that I
>> really appreciated. I did not like Dr. Goldman, can¹t say exactly why, he
>> just seemed a bit condescending ? he has a way of always saying ³we² -- ³How
>> are we doing today?².  Anyway, personal preference I suppose.
>> I agree with Meytal and have to say that I really was glad that my son was
>> born at the Brigham. I labored unmedicated (until the forceps delivery) and
>> pushed as long as they would let me but my poor ³little² guy was face up and
>> stuck against my pelvic bone. While the forceps delivery was really
>> difficult for both my son and me, it was better than going for a c-section
>> after he was lodged in my pelvis. I really felt that the Brigham allowed me
>> to make my own decisions in terms of laboring naturally and then took the
>> reigns when it became dangerous, and I really feel that in retrospect that I
>> would not have been able to push him out without the aid of the forceps.
>> Anyway, good luck to everyone expecting. So exciting!
>> Debrah
>> G6 PhD Program in Virology
>> Mother of Jackson (almost 4!)
>> On 11/18/08 11:07 AM, "Meytal Higgins" <budin at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
>>> Hi Finn,
>>> I have an 11 month old boy who was born at Brigham and Womens through HUHS.
>>> I
>>> spent my entire pregnancy with HUHS, so I have interacted with all the OBs
>>> in
>>> the practice, if you have specific questions about any of them.  While I
>>> didn't have a C section, I didn't have the smoothest delivery, so I know how
>>> my OB behaves when things go wrong.  I had a scheduled induction (10 days
>>> post
>>> due date) with my primary OB, Dr. Gail Guzelian, and I highly recommend her.
>>> My son had pooped in the womb, which in some cases signals fetal distress,
>>> and
>>> I really appreciate how Dr. Guzelian handled the delivery, being cautious
>>> enough to be safe, yet not over paranoid.  He had a somewhat scary birth
>>> (cord
>>> wrapped around the neck), and Dr. Guzelian told me that if he doesn't come
>>> out
>>> by a certain time, she would bring out forceps or a vacuum.  I was really
>>> against using these devices, but in retrospect, her instincts were
>>> completely
>>> right - I managed to push him out 1 minute before the "deadline", and it was
>>> right in time.  His 1 minute apgar score (which takes into account vital
>>> signs) was very low, but luckily Dr. Guzelian had arranged for a team from
>>> pediatrics to be present for the birth, and she got my son out quickly and
>>> passed him right to them for resuscitation and suctioning.  Because of their
>>> quick and capable actions, in 5 minutes my son went from an apgar score of 3
>>> to a score of 9.  I was really hoping for a natural unmedicated birth during
>>> my pregnancy, but I am so thankful that I delivered at Brigham and Womens
>>> with
>>> an OB who knew what she was doing and with all the resources they have in
>>> case
>>> anything does go wrong.
>>> When I was pregnant I was a little jealous of everyone who got the midwife
>>> service through Mt. Auburn, and I was really worried about delivering at a
>>> hospital with so many high risk deliveries where I assumed they would shove
>>> interventions down my throat.  This is more for other parents on the list
>>> who
>>> have these concerns - Dr. Guzelian and my nurse were very supportive of my
>>> desires to have a natural childbirth.  I didn't end up needing pitocin (just
>>> waters broken), and they were happy about that, and totally willing to let
>>> me
>>> do my own thing and didn't once offer an epidural (because I told them not
>>> to
>>> offer - however, when I asked for one, I got it, and it was great!).
>>> I know no one wants to hear scary childbirth experience stories during
>>> pregnancy, and I'm sure everything will go great for you, but I just wanted
>>> to
>>> give my perspective.  Good luck and congratulations!
>>> Best,
>>> Meytal
>>> G6 in Earth and Planetary Sciences
>>> On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 9:46 AM, Finnian Mckean Moore Gerety
>>> <fmgerety at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
>>>> Hello fellow parents and students--
>>>> My wife and I are six months pregnant and planning to deliver with the
>>>> Brigham
>>>> and Women's group through HUHS. We have medical reasons for elective
>>>> C-section
>>>> and so we are in a position to choose the doctor who will do the delivery.
>>>> I
>>>> wonder if anyone has a recommendation as to specific doctors or an
>>>> experience
>>>> to share about using this group. Any feedback, positive or negative, would
>>>> be
>>>> appreciated.
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Finn Moore Gerety
>>>> G2 Sanskrit & Indian Studies
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