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 Dear Group,

I have a question about small injuries that occur at the daycare center.  I
have a two-year old son, and he goes to one of the harvard-affiliated
daycare centers.  Since he started to attend this center from September, he
had about five incidents of scratches on his face ( big enough to notice)
among which cases I only received only one accident report form. For other
four cases, when I asked about the scars, the teachers either said my son
scratched himself with his long fingernails (which were not long at all)
or they were from another days.

Do you usually ask teacher about these kind of small injuries? Am I being
too paranoid about it? What are the teachers response usually? I am not
trying to accuse the teachers, but just wanted to know what happened. I
totally understand that kids of this age get physical, especially when they
cannot speak.  But hearing these non-sense excuses everytime just makes me
feel annoyed.

Now it seems like the teachers started to think of me as one of the nasty
moms who chases after every trivial injuries.  I am also beginning to think
that there might have been more serious injuries-- that does not leave any
mark on the kids' body, such as some head bumping or falling from structure
-- that the teachers just did not report.

Any similar experiences and any advice on how I should react in the future,
when teachers keep saying that my son scratched himself to the point that
there is a scar? (For the last two years, I have never seen my son does this
at home or outside.)

Eun Ha

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