[Parentsgroup-list] toddler traveling - harness pros/cons?

Ceceley Chambers cchambers at hds.harvard.edu
Mon Nov 10 10:43:44 EST 2008

The best advice I got about traveling with toddlers is the present idea:  Y=
ou get a bunch of little toys, books, small activity set type things and wr=
ap them.  As the trip progresses you give her one toy to unwrap and play wi=
th, and as gets bored with one item you give her a new item to unwrap!  Thi=
s worked so well for my daughter when she was that age and it still works w=
hen they get older (the last time we traveled she was 4 and it still worked=
 beautifully).  Also, you don't necessarily have to buy new things, you mig=
ht even be able to take some of her older toys that she doesn't play with a=
s much and wrap those.  The fun is in the unwrapping and discovery.

As for the harness, I have always frowned upon them for many reasons- but t=
he main one being that it really doesn't gave her that much more freedom.  =
I always found that a back-carrier or stroller and lots of snacks worked we=
ll for us as we walked around the airport and pointed out all of the new an=
d exciting things.

Good luck!


Ceceley Chambers
Harvard Divintity School

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Dear group,


We're taking our 18-month old on a big adventure for thanksgiving involving=
 two 3-hr flights with a layover in between.  From what I understand from o=
ther parents, 18 months is a rough age for traveling and I have to admit we=
're a bit worried as she really doesn't want to sit still for any length of=


Two separate but related questions:

1. We're considering looking for one of those harness-y type things so that=
 Astrid can have some degree of freedom to run around the airport without s=
traying too far.  I've seen these in use before but have never actually tal=
ked to anyone who's used one. Are they inhumane?  Thoughts? Better ideas?  =
It's difficult to imagine how one actually gets the child in the harness, g=
iven that right now it's a struggle to get her in the stroller or even the =
backpack, but maybe kids like it?

2. Any other miracle tips for plane travel with 18-month old who doesn't wa=
nt to sit still?  Or is it just a matter of "grin & bear it" until we get t=
o our destination?


Advice appreciated,


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