[Parentsgroup-list] Please Read - Parentsgroup Guidelines

rose at fas.harvard.edu rose at fas.harvard.edu
Sat Nov 1 08:39:14 EDT 2008

Parentsgroup Listserv Guidelines

1. The list is intended to facilitate communication between Harvard
graduate students with children about issues related to child care, child
care scholarships, departmental support, sources of funding, meetings
and symposia of interest, babysitting trades or shares, information
about local events of interest to people with children, housing, and
other information related to being a grad student parent at Harvard – such as
information about being a parent in academia and links to journal
articles and reports on parenting in academia and related issues.

2.  The list administrator encourages the advertising of used baby or
kid gear and clothing for sale or trade, the posting of community yard
sales of interest to parents, and similar information that might help
Harvard grad student parents get cooperative or other discounted deals
on stuff for their children.  The list can also appropriately be used to
search for research subjects for non-commercial projects (like Harvard
studies on child development).

3. The list is not to be used as a forum to advertise marketing-based focus
groups, or to advertise the sale of commercial products that are intended to
bring the person who posted the message a profit (if this is resale of
personally held items, that is fine, but if it is related to a business
prospect, please do not post).

4. The list does not accept marketing postings from businesses; however,
personal postings for (preferably child-related) items for sale or need are

5. Additionally, please keep messages respectful.

6. Failure to follow these guidelines may be grounds for being removed from the
list by the system administrator.

7. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask Susannah Rose
(rose at fas.harvard.edu).

* Important: If your questions or concern is about the administration of the
list, please do not post the whole group about your concern unless it directly
relates to the most of the group – this clutters people’s mailboxes. Instead,
please contact Susannah Rose.

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