[Parentsgroup-list] kids at graduation in Sanders Theater

Miriam Shakow shakow at fas.harvard.edu
Sat May 31 23:12:25 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,
Sorry to repeat a question that I know has been asked before:

If you want your child to cross the stage with you at graduation, does 
anyone have the details on how this works? My understanding is that the 
kids have to wait by themselves in a children's room in Sanders theater 
and then a staff person gets them and takes them to you, and then 
returns them to the children's room after they cross the stage. This 
sounds beyond the emotional abilities of my 3-year old at present, but I 
couldn't remember where I had heard this scenario. If anyone has a 
source, I would love to hear it!

Thanks very much,

Miriam Shakow

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