[Parentsgroup-list] researcher looking for traveling parents of kids aged 3-6

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Sun May 18 22:38:21 EDT 2008

From: "Paulina Modlitba" <paulina at media.mit.edu>
To: msgs at media.mit.edu
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 21:36:50 -0400
Subject: [msgs] Globetoddler user evaluation: Looking for subjects
(traveling parents of children aged 3-6 in the Boston area)

Dear all,

After nine months of hard work I have finally reached the system evaluation
phase of my M.Sc. thesis project and I need your help to make the evaluation
as good as possible.

I have developed a toy-to-mobile phone communication platform, called *
Globetoddler* <http://globetoddlers.blogspot.com/>, that aims to connect
preschoolers with their (business) traveling parents in a novel manner, and
I am thus looking for families who fit this "profile" and are available in
June. I am first of all looking for families in which (at least) one parent
will be traveling during the evaluation period, but I am also open to
involving families where the absent/remote parent is working late/night
shifts rather than actually traveling.

*Requirements*: (1) You live in the greater Boston area, (2) you are
planning to travel without your child or work "long" shifts in June, (3) you
have at least one child aged 3-6 years, and (4) you are willing to test the
system in June.

*Reward*: $50 Amazon gift certificate.

Email me directly if you are interested or if you know somebody who is.


Paulina Modlitba

Paulina Modlitba
MIT Media Lab
Speech and Mobility Group
Office: +1 617 253-7120
Cell: +1 617 938-9923
Website: http://www.media.mit.edu/~paulina
Blog: http://globetoddlers.blogspot.com/

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