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Praveen Arany arany at fas.harvard.edu
Sun May 18 12:09:15 EDT 2008

Hi Sabrina,
We got a letter last week with some funding (continuing) for next year 
for our spot in PTCC. Also they noted that this is the last year for 
this 'pilot' funding.....may or not be available next year!

On 5/17/2008 9:17 PM, Sabrina Selk wrote:
> Hey All,
> Just curious whether anyone out there has heard back about the childcare scholarship through Harvard for this year. I got one for last year (only way I was able to afford care at a Harvard center), but haven't heard back for this year. Last time I heard back within 48 hours, this time it has been almost a month and I haven't heard a thing. I've tried calling and emailing, but have gotten zilch as far as a reply. Just curious what other's experience has been. My school needed a decision by the end of April and I've been stalling since then, but pretty soon I'm going to lose my slot and the question will be moot. Maybe it is just taking them longer because we didn't get it? Which is fine, but either way it would be nice to know so I'm not stringing my child care providers along and I can make alternate plans for next year.
> Thanks for any input!
> Sabrina
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