[Parentsgroup-list] looking for babysitter/nanny

Elon Goldstein goldst11 at fas.harvard.edu
Thu May 8 15:45:34 EDT 2008

Dear Parents,

My wife and I are looking for babysitting. We have spent many hours  
trying to find someone through SitterCity and Craigslist for the past  
six weeks, but we are still looking. We sure could use some help.

We have a 10 mo. old daughter and a 4 yr. old daughter. Both are  
sweet, fun, and easy.

We need someone ASAP for Thursdays 8-1 and, preferably also Mondays  
or Tuesdays 8-1 for our 10 month old only. We might be interested in  
hiring someone for the summer only although we would prefer to hire  
someone who could continue throughout next year...

We also need someone for some occasional, random evenings for both  
girls on Fridays or Saturdays starting now and going on into the future.

We live in Arlington Heights. We are accessible by public  
transportation, via bus up Mass Ave if the person is willing to walk  
10 minutes uphill from the bus stop.

If any of you know anyone good, preferably with infant experience,  
either for the regular daytime job or for the occasional evenings,  
please contact me off-list at goldst11 at fas.harvard.edu or call and  
leave me a message at the number below.

Thanks very much!

Elon Goldstein
PhD student in the Study of Religion
goldst11 at fas.harvard.edu

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