[Parentsgroup-list] A wonderful part-time babysitter available

Yi-wen Huang ywhuang at fas.harvard.edu
Mon May 5 23:31:52 EDT 2008

Dear all:
    I would like to recommend my babysitter to those of you who might 
need some help
with finals and summer scheduling. Our babysitter works part-time at our 
daycare, and
she is a licensed caregiver. She has a 16-month-old baby boy, and she 
has had experience
with toddlers as well. She is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and 
Fridays (at her place
on Fridays), and she lives in Somerville. She'd prefer to bring her baby 
with her to work.
And trust me, she is extremely responsible and capable, so your child is 
getting a new friend
this way instead of being distracted. Alternatively, you could also drop 
your kid off at her place.
She has a clean and spacious place for taking care of kids. I can't say 
enough good things
about her. If you'd like more information, please let me know, and I can 
give you her contact
info. Thanks!

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