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Hi all--an *amazing* deal here--a 3-bedroom in North Cambridge for $160,000=
. =

For more info on this development, see
http://www.cornerstonecohousing.org/.  Act fast--deadline is Monday, March =


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Our cohousing community has a three bedroom unit for sale through the city

of Cambridge's affordable housing program. The deadline for submitting a

full application to the city is next Monday, March 24, 7:00 pm.

Cornerstone has 32 units and five families have children attending Amigos.

Approximate price of this unit will be $160,000. This price is set by the

city and is non-negotiable.

Eligibility Criteria:

* Maximum income--

For a three-person household, $59,550 per year

For a four-person household, $66,150 per year

For larger households, higher maximums.

* Minimum income--typically about $53,000 a year to meet costs of


* Family size: for this three bedroom unit, three or four persons who

are already living as a household is a minimum. Age and gender of kids

is a factor in determining number of bedrooms needed.

* Applicant must not have owned a home for the past three years, and

assets must be less than $50,000.

Please spread the word!

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    <div id=3D"ygrp-text">
            <p>Dear PNS Families,<br>
Spring is in the air, and we are noticing lots of changes and signs of spri=
ng.  'Mud' was the first sign of spring identified, but we've seen snow dro=
ps, little baby plants starting to poke up out of the ground, and yesterday=
 morning we tapped the maple tree outside our fence.  Today we collected 23=
 cups of sap from our bucket!  Next week we will cook it down and see how m=
uch syrup we are able get.<br>
On a sadder note, Myriam and her family will be returning to France next Tu=
esday.  It has been wonderful to have Myriam in the classroom, and we are v=
ery sorry to have to say goodbye.  Luckily we have lots of message sending =
going on, so I'm sure we will soon be sending international communiques!  W=
e wish Myriam, Ariane, and Alexis the very best, and look forward to hearin=
g about the new baby.<br>
We are currently under enrolled by one spot but, given the lateness of the =
year, have decided not to fill it with a new family.  If any 4-day families=
 would like to pick up an extra day, please let me know.<br>
Have a great weekend!<br>
    </div>  =



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