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Hi everyone,
I agree with Christine that organizing a group within your local =

neighborhood is important, having done some informal babysitting trades =

myself. A very successful group I know of does it this way: There are =

five children. Each family contributes one parent during one day per =

week, and they have one babysitter who comes every day and accompanies =

the parent on duty for that day. So, each family pays a modest sum: the =

cost of the babysitter divided by five (the number of children), plus =

one day of labor. The key is also to have a good space in which all the =

parents and children feel comfortable.

Take care,

On 3/16/08 8:58 PM, wenc at fas.harvard.edu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've done a couple of babysitting co-ops, and this was by far the best 'd=
> care' I did when my son was very small.  (he's 5 now)
> My suggestion is that once you have a couple of people in a neighborhood =
who are
> interested, to just start trading days or however you organize it.  I fou=
nd that
> the physical location of the participants was one of the biggest factors =
in how
> successful the co-op was.
> If you are in JP, there is a Yahoo group (or two?) for JP moms, including=
> for co-ops.  As far as I know the groups still exist, so just search the =
> groups page to find them.
> I think co-ops are fantastic.
> --Christine
> Quoting Julianna Kershen <julianna.kershen at gmail.com>:
>   =

>> Hello Jennifer & all,
>> I am hoping that Lucy gets a space in a local childcare center for the f=
>> but if not... I'd love to talk about the co-op group idea, and possibly =
>> it instead.
>> I'm looking for care for three days.  I don't live in Cambridge, so would
>> need to care for the babes on my care day/time at another location.  If =
>> organize a meeting please let me know.
>> Thanks, Julianna
>> mt. Lucy 8.5 mos
>> Lives in JP
>>     =

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