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I also live in JP. I currently have a great family daycare, but would be in=
terested in maybe participating in a coop, I guess I'm not clear how much o=
f my time I would be devoting though, and if i would still use the family d=
aycare. But I'm open to learn more! I would love to spend time with my litt=
le boy and other little people. Outside of daycare, it is usually just me a=
nd him, and I like seeing him interact and be helpful.
mt Miles 24 months
April Marie Griffin
Graduate Student (BBS)
Harvard Medical School
april_griffin at hms.harvard.edu
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> Hi, =

> I will probably also be needing day care for 2-3 days a week starting in =
> fall and I live in Mission Hill- near JP- and would be interested possibl=
y in
> co-oping too... So please keep me in this loop.
> Sascha, mt Leo 7.5 months..
> =

> Hello Jennifer & all,
> I am hoping that Lucy gets a space in a local childcare center for the fa=
> but if not... I'd love to talk about the co-op group idea, and possibly u=
se it
> instead.  =

> I'm looking for care for three days.  I don't live in Cambridge, so would=
> to care for the babes on my care day/time at another location.  If you
> organize a meeting please let me know.
> Thanks, Julianna
> mt. Lucy 8.5 mos
> Lives in JP
>  =

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