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Hi Jennifer,

I tried something like that with a group of moms in September. It is called 
the Harvard sitter coop. We did everything : rules, google account with map 
and adresses etc. But I don't know why it never worked. Nobody used it. I 
send you the file with all the details... if you are able to make it work I 
want to be in !

Emilie (mom of Timon, 17 months)

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> I'm wondering if there is any interest in beginning a small cooperative 
> childcare group. What I'm proposing is that 4-6 of us who are looking for 
> ½ time or ¾ time childcare band together to take care of each other's 
> children for either very low or no cost. My idea is that we could work 
> together to come up with a schedule where we rotate free or low cost care 
> among us. It's all still a bit nebulous in my mind at the moment, but I'd 
> definitely be willing to brainstorm or discuss alternative ideas. Ideally 
> for me, we would use the summer to get to know each other and our children 
> and then start trading hours in the fall (or in the summer, if that's what 
> people need). Shoot me an email if you're interested in discussing this 
> possibility further.
> Look forward to hearing from you!
> Jennifer (Mother to Seba, 4.5 months)
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