[Parentsgroup-list] Travelling with an infant/ spending summer in Europe

Catherine Ruth Pakaluk pakaluk at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Mar 11 15:54:42 EDT 2008

I've done significant time in Europe with babies of various ages, always 
under 1 year.  I've used strollers and also backpacks.  My definite 
preference at this point is to travel with the following:
--a good sling or wrap if my baby is under 6 months, which doubles as a 
safety restraint on planes and in taxicabs and trains; it also serves as 
a carrier for when I don't want the stroller (i.e. strollers are a pain 
on the Paris Metro); it's also so lightweight that I can tuck it away 
easily;  I use a Maya wrap but there are lots of others (see the 
previous thread on slings),
--a lightweight backpack if my baby is closer to 1 year and even younger 
if I am going to be doing any hiking
--a single umbrella stroller, the 9 lb. Maclaren with the mesh seat and 
shoulder strap, which stays in my room except for the times I am going 
to be on my feet a LONG time and can't shoulder the baby for so long
--for sleeping I bring the Graco TravelLite play yard, which is a tiny 
version of their terrific pack-n-play; it has served me even in the 
smallest hotels in Europe.  unless you co-sleep then you're all set 
without a crib.

Those are my tips. The basic point is to travel light (no big car-seat 
stroller combinations, no car-seat period) but to have options (wearing 
your baby, front or back; and pushing your baby). 

Have fun in Paris!

P.S.  You should also know that it's super-smart to spend time in Paris 
with a baby; museums will let you cut to the front of the line in most 
circumstances if you have a baby with you-----can't tell you how great 
this was in Paris----we could drop in on a museum for a couple of hours, 
leave for lunch (much better than the cafeteria), and pop back in for 
another hour after lunch.  Other visitors had to wait hours just to get 
in.  We were so delighted when we figured this out.  We vowed to 
*always* bring a baby when we went to Paris, even if we had to borrow one!

On 3/11/2008 3:31 PM, Sanghyun Lee wrote:

>Hello Everyone-
>Thank you for providing invaluable input so far. I have thoroughly
>enjoyed reading all the posts. I have a two month daughter and I have
>been offered a summer internship in Paris. My wife and I are very
>excited about spending the summer in Paris and travelling across
>Europe, yet we have no experience traveling with the baby. I was
>wondering if anyone could please provide insights/advice on how easy,
>fun, difficult, or realistic it would be to do so with an infant who
>will be about 6 month old. Any helpful feedback would be greatly
>appreciated!  Thanks!
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