[Parentsgroup-list] nearly new infant car seat & car bed for sale

Natalie Melzer nmelzer at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Mar 9 19:28:27 EDT 2008

Hi everyone-


We'd like to sell our daughter's Graco infant car seat (+base) as well as
her Cosco Dream Ride car bed (for preemies or babies too small to sit in a
car seat). Both were used only a handful of times - the bed because she
outgrew it quickly, the seat because we soon realized that we need a
different brand to match our stroller. 

The car seat can be seen here:



And the car bed:


The bed is the brand most recommended by hospitals, we bought it at the


 We're asking $35 for the car bed and $80 for the car seat.              


Please write us if you're interested in either! We live in North Cambridge.


Natalie & Guy


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