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Julianna Kershen julianna.kershen at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 14:03:21 EST 2008

Hi Marna,
I loved wearing Lucy in a ouch while she was little (up until about 4-5
mos).  She could nurse and sleep.  I could do thing with 2 hands, and I
could slide her off and she'd stay asleep nestled in the sling.  I still use
it for short trips -- to and from car -- etc.  I can often be seen wearing
it around like a goofy outfit because I have forgotten to take it off.
However she is really too heavy now to wear for long in it.  I also have 2
ring slings, which were nice for nursing b/c of the adjustability, though I
liked my pouch better generally.  Now I have a Babyhawk mei tai which I like
a lot.  I can wear her on front (facing in), back, or hip.  It is very
comfortable and distributes the weight across the back, shoulders, and
hips.  I decided to go with the Babyhawk instead of an Ergo b/c of the
flexibility of the sizing (anyone could fit my Babyhawk without a lot of
messing with tabs) and the sort of organic feel to my body.   You can order
the Babyhawks custom made on their website which is what I did.  Like Joy
said they are expensive (around $110).  I would also look at the Ten Toes
Click which I really liked, similar, but no ties, yet less convoluted than
the Ergo,  Look at the Beco as well, I liked that one, too.
I plan on wearing Lucy for years, so I wanted carriers that would grow with
us (including through another -- hopefully -- pregnancy).
There are Boston Babywearer  meetings once  a month and I recommend going
and trying on them all on.
I live in JP if you wanted to come by and try mine on.
Cheers! Julianna
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