[Parentsgroup-list] A few of your favorite slings?

Joy Geren joygeren at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 22:28:07 EST 2008

My all time favorite is the Didymos Wrap. You can use it with a newborn
until the child refuses to be carried. My favorite position, the front wrap
cross carry, distributes the weight of the child across your shoulders, back
and hips. Nursing is so discrete and easy that I would nurse my son when he
was nearly two in the wrap and no one would notice and I could walk to the
bus stop while doing it. On many occasions he fell asleep and I could untie
and leave him sleeping. Expect to pay $130+ for one of these wraps, but they
resell for $100+ so you aren't losing much. (And remember, if you get one of
these you don't have to buy a stroller.) If you don't want to invest that
much to start with you can get a Moby Wrap for about $40. They also claim to
work with newborns through toddlers, but I would argue that they are most
comfortable for newborns and after about 15 pounds a woven wrap is better.

I also love my slings, but I found them harder to use for long periods once
my son got heavy because all of the weight is on one shoulder. A fleece
pouch is nice though, very comfy and easy to nurse in with a small baby and
handy for short hip carries when your toddler needs to be glued to you while
you do chores around the house.

If anyone wants to "play" with my slings before they buy let me know, I'm at
home on bedrest and generally bored. I have a Peanut Shell fleece pouch, a
Didymos wrap, a simple cotton homemade wrap, a Moby wrap, a couple of padded
ring slings-Over the Shoulder Baby Holder and something else, and an Ergo.
Happy baby wearing!


On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 8:01 PM, Marna Costanzo <mcostanz at fas.harvard.edu>

> Hi all,
> I would love to get suggestions on slings/ wraps that you've truly loved.
> At the top of my list of criteria would be comfort (for me and baby) and =
> ability to nurse easily and discreetly in the sling.  Bonuses would be if
> it's possible to remove the sling without waking the baby and if I can st=
> use it later on when my baby turns into a toddler.  I may be missing some
> other salient considerations, so please let me know about your experience=
> Marna
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