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Thu Mar 6 14:56:19 EST 2008

Yeah, you gotta love reporters (as a fieldworker, I've always been baffled
by the pad-and-pencil approach, which pretty much guarantees inaccuracy -
but then I guess it also leads to speedy writing, because if they had to
transcribe recordings like we do, they couldn't run a low-budg newspaper).
For the record, the reporter conflated my advisor with the department
administrator, Nancy Shafman. But he spelled everyone's name right and
seemed like a genuinely nice guy who then stayed up late writing...

Thank you again to everyone who facilitated the meeting, produced the
report, and works so hard to make Harvard a better place for families. I
feel all empowered and stuff :-) And yay for the upcoming increase of UHS
specialist visits for kids to 10 a year!  Assuming all tests, surgeries and
hospitalizations are covered, I think that's enough for most kids with one
or two conditions (not for my first, but his hospital schedule is uncommon)
and now I'm glad I took part in the "insurance lobbying" by bitching and
moaning to Dean McGavana and anyone else who'd listen :-) After the meeting
last night, I feel like we really can begin to inspire the larger culture to
become more accepting and supportive of academic parents.


2008/3/6, wenc at fas.harvard.edu <wenc at fas.harvard.edu>:
> Hi all,
> Although I am quoted in a way that makes me look like an idiot (are those
> typos???  sheesh...I gotta cut down on the caffeine), from an interview
> that
> took place months ago and nothing to do with the report, there is an
> article in
> the Crimson today about the presentation last night on the GSC/HGWISE
> report on
> Parental Accomodation.
> Thanks to everyone who participated!  Looks like there was a great
> turnout.
> http://www.thecrimson.com/article.aspx?ref=3D522343
> --Christine
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