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Passing along a posting.  I don't know any more about this than the =

posting below, but following the contact info below should provide =

further information, and there may be folks on this list with kids at =

Garden.  It certainly has a fine reputation:

Garden Nursery School has a spot available in its 2008-2009 class for 4 =

year olds, which meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 1 pm =

(extended day option available).  This spot will be filled on a first =

come, first served basis.

Garden Nursery School is a parent- and teacher-run cooperative preschool =

located in Harvard Square.  For nearly half a century, Garden Nursery =

School has offered a nurturing and stimulating environment for children =

and their families. By design, GNS is a part-time preschool - the only =

one of its kind in Cambridge. To learn more about the school, please =

visit our website at www.gardennurseryschool.org =

<http://www.gardennurseryschool.org>. =


Applications, which can be downloaded from the website, should be mailed =

with the $35 application fee (payable to Garden Nursery School) to Emily =

Bromley, Admissions Director, at 53 Prince St #3, Cambridge, MA 02139.  =

If you have questions, please look at the website or contact Emily at =

(617) 497-8698.

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