[Parentsgroup-list] funding for childcare improvements in Harvard housing?

Philip Davis Loring ploring at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Jun 17 17:16:25 EDT 2008

This is a shot in the dark, mostly, but this list has worked miracles 
recently, so here goes:

We live in Haskins Hall and there's an unused room in the basement that 
with a little cleaning, junk-clearing, painting, carpeting, 
childproofing, and maybe a space heater, would make a very nice playroom 
for the growing number of babies and toddlers in the building.

We've got parents willing to do the work, but we're wondering if we 
might get Harvard to pay for the carpet, etc. Does anyone happen to know 
whether Harvard Real Estate Services, or Harvard Property Management, or 
FAS, or anyone, has a grant or some other kind of fund for 
child-friendly improvements to residences? I believe that Haskins is 
open to students from every Harvard graduate/professional school, as 
well as to staff and faculty, and partners and dependents.

If you know anything definite, you may want to reply on-list, as this 
information ought to be disseminated. Or just reply to me!


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