[Parentsgroup-list] Kids at commencement -- the details

Christine Wenc christinewenc at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 22:38:48 EDT 2008

Hi folks--in case the question still needs to be answered.

--Christine (who will be there with 5-year-old Milo)

(By the way, there are no names on the 'baby diploma,' so they don't
have to know ahead of time who is going to be there.)

>>  Children are most welcome at Commencement.
>>  Here's how things work. If children are to be in Sanders during the
>>  ceremony, they will need to use one of the two tickets alloted to
>>  each graduating student. They can't sit with the graduating students,
>>  and must sit in the audience with whoever is accompanying them. Most
>>  families find, however, that the ceremony is a lot for young kids to
>>  bear so someone from the family accompanies them to the Family Area
>>  that we have designated. There is a TV there where an eye can be kept
>>  on the ceremony and when the parent's department is getting close to
>>  being called, one of the GSAS staff members accompanies the
>>  child(ren) to the auditorium where they meet up with the parent who
>>  is in line to receive the degree. The parent and child(ren) cross the
>>  stage together. The parent receives his/her diploma and the child
>>  receives what we call a "baby diploma" that states that they were in
>>  attendance at their parent's graduation ceremony. The parent and
>>  child then exit the stage. The parent returns to the auditorium and
>>  the child returns with the staff member to the Family Area.

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