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Hi Everyone:

I'm an incoming student this Fall. I have a toddler who will be 21 months i=
n September. I have not yet finalized where I will be living but hope to do=
 so this month. I really would love any recommendations on daycare faciliti=
es in and around Cambridge. I am willing to live a little outside Cambridge=
 if need be....Any names of daycare centers would be most useful. I plan to=
 put my daughter in full time...Mon-Fri. Also, any ideas and suggestions on=
 where to live with a baby would also be most helpful. Thank You and I look=
 forward to hearing from you. Shefali Chandan.
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> =

> Hi everyone,
> Sorry to repeat a question that I know has been asked before:
> =

> If you want your child to cross the stage with you at graduation, does =

> anyone have the details on how this works? My understanding is that the =

> kids have to wait by themselves in a children's room in Sanders theater =

> and then a staff person gets them and takes them to you, and then =

> returns them to the children's room after they cross the stage. This =

> sounds beyond the emotional abilities of my 3-year old at present, but I =

> couldn't remember where I had heard this scenario. If anyone has a =

> source, I would love to hear it!
> =

> Thanks very much,
> =

> Miriam Shakow
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