[Parentsgroup-list] Yahoo groups in other areas too

Christine Wenc christinewenc at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 10:40:31 EDT 2008

Note that there are Yahoo groups for parents in other areas too, I
believe.  I know there is one for Jamaica Plain, for instance.  You
can search for them at yahoo.com.


On 7/30/08, Kara Swanson <kswanson at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
> For those of you haven't already found it, here is info about joining the
> Cambridge Families List Serve.  Other on-line options that I know of include
> Somerville moms, Arlington parents group, and the west Cambridge
> neighborhood list serve, huronvillageparents.
> know some people on this list are already members, but I wanted to
> let everyone else know about the Cambridge Families Yahoo Group
> (formerly Cambridge Moms Group). It's a group like this one but for
> families throughout Cambridge. I recently took over as moderator,
> along with Leah, who is also on this list. If you'd like to join,
> just follow this link:
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Cambridgefamilies/ and
> request
> membership.
> -Katie
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