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Candice Belanoff CBELANOF at hsph.harvard.edu
Fri Jul 25 13:04:05 EDT 2008

I'm sure there are differing opinions on the subject, but I'd say this is a question for a trusted pediatrician.


Candice Belanoff, MPH
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>>> Maryann Shenoda <mshenoda at fas.harvard.edu> 7/25/2008 12:47 PM >>>
Dear all,
My husband and I have been swaddling our three month old son since he  
was born, but we've heard that its best to stop swaddling by three  
months.  We've tried to stop swaddling him and he cannot sleep because  
his arms flail all over the place and he cries most of the night.  Any  
ideas about when to stop swaddling and what to do if your baby can't  
sleep without swaddling?

Maryann M. Shenoda
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Harvard University
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