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Christine Wenc christinewenc at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 21:34:42 EDT 2008

Saw this on Mothering.com, and I'm passing it along.  The call is
going to out to contact your representative to support a bill
regulating midwifery.   Midwives favor this bill because it gives them
their own separate set of rules, instead of having to regulate them as
nurses.  In effect it will be the state recognizing midwifery as an
independent profession.

The passionate call is below (not written by me, but I do support
this).  It was written on July 14, but it may not be too late to
contact your representative if you do it within the next few days.

--Christine W.
Now or never for Midwifery in Massachusetts, make THE call now!
We are very close to passage in the House of a bill for a Board of
Midwifery, that would regulate all midwives. It has passed the Senate.
It is one vote away from becoming a law. We are so close in fact, that
ACOG and AMA are spending time and plenty of money trying to stop it.

ACOG is trying to position this as a bill that allows home birth, as a
potential threat to women's safety. They have provided no evidence,
only rhetoric. And they are making legislators nervous. BUT THIS IS A

This is a bill to regulate midwifery--that is ALL it is. But
independent midwifery makes this a turf issue--and the legislators
know it--they tell us they do! But they are not going out on a limb
for our turf if midwives and their patients are not going to even let
them know that they mean business, that that really do care about

Each legislator in the House needs to hear from constituents and this
week is the one that matters. They need to see you in the State House.
Yes, when you come or call, you will "only" speak with their aide--but
the aides tell them what they need to know, and are the KEY to our
success. Nervous about visiting? If you let any of us know when you
are able to come visit your legislator's office this month, one of us
will meet you, go with you, and make sure you have what you need. Our
phone numbers are with our signatures.

We must keep the calls coming this week--it is CRUCIAL. ACOG has now
hired two high-powered, expensive lobbyists to defeat this bill. If
you know of ANYONE who lives or works in Boston in Speaker DiMasi's
district, we need you to call and ask them to contact the Speaker's
office, or come with us to lobby at the statehouse Wed and Thurs
mid-morning THIS WEEK. Give them one of our numbers (see below) and we
will give them the help they need, and go with them. This could be a
former client, a friend, a family member--anyone who supports

DiMasi's district runs from the North End through the center of Boston
to the Boston Medical Center.

Of course ALL of us need to call our own Rep and ask them to contact
the Speaker, as outlined below. They can also call Rep. Kay Khan, our
sponsor, who will send a letter from as many reps as will sign on, to
the Speaker.

Hugs to all of you---Keep the Pressure ON!

WHAT TO DO---IF YOU GO OR CALL (and you should also forward or hand
deliver this part to every midwifery supporter you know in MA):
1. Find your Representative
2. Click the link to get the phone number and room number address.
3. Ask to speak with an aide, and say that you are a voter in the
district--give your name and address.
4. Tell the aide that you wish to see S. 2636, An Act Relative to a
Board of Midwifery, brought back to the floor for vote. You are asking
the Representative to call or write to Speaker DiMasi to ask him to
put the bill on the floor for action.
5. If they have any specific questions you can't answer about the
bill, that is OK; ask them to contact Mary Ann Hart at 617-864-1996.
6. Ask them to get back to you with the Representative's response. But
call one week later also, just to ask if the Representative has taken
action yet.

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