[Parentsgroup-list] How do nannies work?

Cheryl Smith csmith105 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 20:49:59 EDT 2008

Hi Marna and DeAnna - We just  hired a nanny using the sittercity website a
month ago and were very happy with their service.  You pay a sign up fee to
use the site (I believe it is $39) and then there's a monthly rate.  Once
you are in the site you filter based on what you are looking for - age
range, hourly rate, care needed (i.e. age of child, housework, cooking, etc)
and it will bring back candidates that meet your requirements.  We probably
interviewed 15 people on the phone and 4 in person before finding our match.
 You can run a background check through the website and it provides tips on
the interviewing and hiring process.  In contrast, if you use an agency
there is generally a very pricey placement fee. We found the hourly rate
varies depending on the level of experience & responsibilities expected, but
you should probably expect to pay between $12 - $20 an hour.

If I can be of any additional help, please let me know and best of luck with
your search.

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 6:44 PM, DeAnna Cummings <deanna at juxtaposition.org>

>  Hello everyone.  Thank you for this question Marna. I am interested in
> hearing about the nuts and bolts of nannies as well.  I have an 11 and 13
> year old, who are technically old enough to stay on their own, but we are
> relocating to Cambridge, so that my husband and I can both attend graduate
> school next year, and we are considering hiring a very part time
> nanny/sitter so our kids don't end up spending so much time alone in a new
> city.  We have never had experience with a nanny or sitter outside of fam=
> so don't really know where to begin.
> DeAnna
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> Hi all,
> We are looking at getting a nanny for our two children (5 weeks and 2.5
> years old) starting in the fall or spring. Unfortunately I have no idea h=
> having a nanny works.  If you have had or currently have a nanny, I would
> greatly appreciate information on rates (to see if we can afford it) and
> general information about having a nanny, including how to find a good on=
> I don't quite know where to start at the moment...
> Marna
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