[Parentsgroup-list] How do nannies work?

DeAnna Cummings deanna at juxtaposition.org
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Hello everyone.  Thank you for this question Marna. I am interested in hear=
ing about the nuts and bolts of nannies as well.  I have an 11 and 13 year =
old, who are technically old enough to stay on their own, but we are reloca=
ting to Cambridge, so that my husband and I can both attend graduate school=
 next year, and we are considering hiring a very part time nanny/sitter so =
our kids don't end up spending so much time alone in a new city.  We have n=
ever had experience with a nanny or sitter outside of family so don't reall=
y know where to begin.


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  Hi all,

  We are looking at getting a nanny for our two children (5 weeks and 2.5 y=
ears old) starting in the fall or spring. Unfortunately I have no idea how =
having a nanny works.  If you have had or currently have a nanny, I would g=
reatly appreciate information on rates (to see if we can afford it) and gen=
eral information about having a nanny, including how to find a good one.  I=
 don't quite know where to start at the moment...



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