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We have marble floors in our apartment which really freaked me out when our
son started crawling and walking. What we ended up doing after researching a
couple of options (I wanted to move, but my husband convinced me that was a
bit of an over-reaction) was going to BJs discount club (you need to be a
member) and buying these foamish pads and throwing them under a few area
rugs to reduce impact. That said, our son seems totally unfazed by crawling
over the hard sections of the floor, so I agree with the previous poster
that kids don't seem to feel the same way about hardness on their knees as
we do. Alternatively, Toys R Us sells alphabet block foam pads for playroom
floors. They're fairly inexpensive, although you have to buy lots of them to
really cover any significant area and you may not want brightly colored
alphabet blocks as your living room decor.

In summary, your daughter probably won't be bothered by the hard floor, I'd
focus more on childproofing plugs, sharp corners, closing cabinets, hiding
toxic products, etc.

Good luck....once the crawling begins they seem to be unstoppable!


On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 11:10 PM, Ian Stokes-Rees <
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> Eva Kuhelj wrote:
>  Dear parents,
> Our daughter just started to crawl. Consequently, I started wondering abo=
> two things:
> 1. How to childproof our apartment?
> Those how have already done this, can you perhaps recommend any good shop,
> website, etc, where we could buy all the necessary products and/or also
> get useful tips.
> If they are crawling now, they will be "cruising" (pulling up and walking
> around with the help of tables and chairs) within a few months.  That is
> when you have the risk of them pulling things off tables and breaking
> things.  Electrical plugs, cords, and hot radiators are the main risks we
> have at home.  It is pretty easy to find "dummy" plugs which will block o=
> un-used electrical outlets.
>  2. How to make her crawling on our wooden floor more pleasant and safer.
> In this regard we were thinking to cover the floor with several plastic f=
> carpets that are usually used in, e.g., aerobics classes.
> Does anybody know where we could buy them? I would also appreciate a hint
> about any other, perhaps better, solution.
> Perhaps it is only because Hilary is our second daughter (now 10 months),
> but we have hard wood floors and don't think twice about them.  Babies are
> pretty well padded, and you'll probably have them in tights, sleepers, or
> trousers most of the time.  Our daughter prefers crawling just in a nappy=
> the hardwood floor, rather than wearing tights or trousers which just slip
> more and get pulled down.  I don't think there is really a safety issue. =
> carpeted area is probably sufficient if you want something soft.
> Fitness foam sections can be surprisingly expensive.  There is a discount
> clearance place at the corner of Market and N. Beacon in Allston which I'=
> seen selling them inexpensively.  I am also positive you can get them at
> Home Depot since they are used commonly in workshops, and I think I've se=
> them at Target.
> Ian
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