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Ian Stokes-Rees ijstokes at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Dec 4 23:10:25 EST 2008

Eva Kuhelj wrote:
> Dear parents,
>  =

> Our daughter just started to crawl. Consequently, I started wondering =

> about two things:
>  =

> 1. How to childproof our apartment?
> Those how have already done this, can you perhaps recommend any good =

> shop, website, etc, where we could buy all the necessary products =

> and/or also get useful tips.
If they are crawling now, they will be "cruising" (pulling up and =

walking around with the help of tables and chairs) within a few months.  =

That is when you have the risk of them pulling things off tables and =

breaking things.  Electrical plugs, cords, and hot radiators are the =

main risks we have at home.  It is pretty easy to find "dummy" plugs =

which will block off un-used electrical outlets.

> 2. How to make her crawling on our wooden floor more pleasant =

> and safer. In this regard we were thinking to cover the floor with =

> several plastic foam carpets that are usually used in, e.g., aerobics =

> classes. =

> Does anybody know where we could buy them? I would also appreciate a =

> hint about any other, perhaps better, solution.

Perhaps it is only because Hilary is our second daughter (now 10 =

months), but we have hard wood floors and don't think twice about them.  =

Babies are pretty well padded, and you'll probably have them in tights, =

sleepers, or trousers most of the time.  Our daughter prefers crawling =

just in a nappy on the hardwood floor, rather than wearing tights or =

trousers which just slip more and get pulled down.  I don't think there =

is really a safety issue.  A carpeted area is probably sufficient if you =

want something soft.

Fitness foam sections can be surprisingly expensive.  There is a =

discount clearance place at the corner of Market and N. Beacon in =

Allston which I've seen selling them inexpensively.  I am also positive =

you can get them at Home Depot since they are used commonly in =

workshops, and I think I've seen them at Target.

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